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Winding Down in Canada, Ramping up for Sweden ~

Time..is there ever enough of it? I wear the hat of painter, blogger, social networker, wife and last but not least, mother of a fun, yet very active four-year old boy. Tonight I will toast myself, for all that I have accomplished in the last three months while wearing each of these hats, each and everyday. Nine originals works, already in Sweden, two finished commissions and four photoshoots…today I call it day, for anymore work and painting in Canada and begin packing and organizing for my Swedish departure.  I have two other commissions well on the go, but unfortunately, they will have to wait my return for completion..(my apologies Gary and Ashley..I tried! they are first on my agenda when I get back, I promise! )

Hailey ~ 12x16 Oil on Canvas

The first commission out the door was a painting of ‘Hailey’. You may recall the small studies I completed of this painting I have already posted. Hailey is owned by Sport Horse handler, breeder and trainer extraordinaire, Claire Hunter of Braecrest Stables in Loretto, Ontario. Claire is well-known on the circuit for giving horses a great start in life and sometimes correcting when they haven’t had the luxury. Hailey is her beloved mare, who over the years has certainly contributed to Claire’s deep understanding of the equine language.  Hailey, a maiden mare, is in foal to Westporte. Needless to say, Claire is pretty excited. We can’t wait either Claire! 🙂

Gaetana, 12x16 oil on canvas panel

The second commission completed is Gaetana. A well-loved mare, owned by Marjorie Beale of Guelph, Ontario. This painting was commissioned as a wedding present from her friends at Awayzaway Farm in Fergus, where Gaetana lives. What a great gift and good friends you have Marj 😉

My Paintings ~ Signage

In addition to my paintings, I would like to share a poster my friend and photographer extraordinaire Pete Paterson printed for me to take on my trip to Sweden. I feel it shows a broad spectrum of myself as a painter; yet also the continuity of my work, always showcasing the simplicity of the horse alone. Colourful and painterly or rendered in traditional realism.  Thank You Pete, for getting this done for me!

Lastly, is a poster my host Maria at Ale Ridsport in Sweden sent me. She created this to promote the Albert Voorn Clinic and my show at her facility. Suddenly it’s all becoming very real! So my friends, I promise I will try to blog a bit while I’m in Sweden, but if you want all the action you really have to join my Facebook page, where I will be posting the most current information on all things Swedish. Link is HERE.. until then, my friends and clients, thank you for your unwavering support. If it weren’t for you, i’m not sure what I would do…




  1. Bethany
    June 2, 2010

    Incredible! Bon Voyage!

  2. Conrado
    June 14, 2010

    Incredible! Bon Voyage!


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