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“Void” 10″x14″ on Arches Oil Paper, mounted to white mattboard 14″x18″

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In January I participated in an Oil and Cold wax workshop which I have continued exploring since, looking for ways to infuse my equine figures into the medium. I have found experimenting with cold wax an excellent way to warm up for the rest of my day in the studio. The intuitive process is so different from my usual practice that it forces me to let go of any preconceived notions of what the final product may be and let the artwork itself evolve to be or not. It is very freeing. 

The meditative action of scraping and moving the wax around allows my brain to wander in thought. The work shifts and changes with each pass and thoughts become fused with the layers of wax. As I was working with this image, I bonded and then lifted tissue paper to mottle the image of a white horse cantering with a rider. As I scraped back through the layers, the rider disappeared and the horse became ethereal. My initial reaction was to replace the him/her, but my feelings said to leave it, void as it represented a part of me at this present time.

It has been 10 years since I have been a horse owner, up until then I always had a horse in my life. It was part of me, Jenn Pratt, horse owner, rider, artist. I know there are many of you out there, who for some reason had to put horses on the back burner, or leave them entirely. Together we can relate to how we feel when horses aren’t part of our daily life anymore. Despite knowing the form like the back of my hand, there are days in the studio where I feel tremendous disconnect from my subject matter. My identity as a horse owner is not there and hasn’t been for sometime now. It is compounded by the fact that my trusted circle of horse friends remain 3000 miles away. I live with this void in my life, of the actual subject matter that I have dedicated my life to, for now. However, I remain hopeful as I still have my tack trunk, and all my horse gear waiting for that time when the void is able to be filled again.

“Void” is 10″x14″ oil and cold wax on Arches Oil Paper. It is presented with a white acid free matt board, cut to frame opening of 14″x18″. Shipped with Acid-free matt board backing and clear bagged for protection. Unframed.



  1. Karen
    March 25, 2019

    Once again, Jenn, your post struck a chord with me. Being horseless for a year now and not riding for almost three years, I’m going through that same void feeling of losing a huge part of my being and connection with the world.

    Our barn group scattered for various reasons, and now the two who remain no longer ride. So, that wonderful “barn-time” social world is gone along with the horses. What do I replace it with? Art, of course!

    l so enjoy seeing the evolution in your work. Just wish we were close enough to connect in person.

    • Jennifer Pratt
      March 25, 2019

      thank you Karen. We aren’t alone in our void together. Those beautiful Spring and fall days, I miss the barn so much. Just having the ability to pick up and go to my happy place. However, like you, I am more productive with my art, despite the disconnection. It all must be leading me somewhere yet to be discovered.


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