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The Boots of Eurohorse Fair

After 18 hours of exhausting flights and layovers, I arrived at The Eurohorse Fair in Gothenburg Sweden.  I don’t think any pictures ahead of my travels could prepare me for the immense scale of the show. My experiences have only been in North America, and while showjumping and equestrian sport is popular, it isn’t as highly revered as it is here in Sweden and (I’m guessing) much of Europe.

Thousands of people passed through the trade show floor.  At times during mid-event in the main ring, the crowds rushed the trade floor like a stampede of  wild bulls. They were all searching for the best deal to be had. I took the opportunity to peruse the floor with Swedish friend Ida, who translated when necessary (thanks IDA!)

Many of my friends know that I am a self-professed shoe lover.  If I had the resources and the space, I would likely have my own walk-in-closet for my vast collection 😉  On the trade floor there were vast styles and varieties of riding boots available for purchase. I decided to categorize them (much as I would in my own closet) from ‘The Sporty’, ‘The Blingy’ and I save the best for last, clearly the most ‘Beautiful.’

The Sporty ~

The Sporty - Tretorn, Falsterbo GT

Waterproof and with Gore-tex technology, they looked to me like a combination basketball shoe and riding boot.

Veredus Guarnieri

The Veredus boot  with ‘Boa System’ – This gizmo is a dial which when turned adjusts the diametre of the calf.  A bit masculine for my taste, but I think I could make room in the closet.

The Blingy

The largest category of the show. There was no shortage of all things “Bling” here at Eurohorse.  My taste is much more understated. Back home where hunter ring attire is classic, these boot I found fun, sometimes funny and sometimes over the top!

Pink anyone?

or do you prefer gold?

The most ‘Beautiful’

There was only one vendor on the floor which stopped me dead in my tracks to fawn over every boot they had available.  A booth from Denmark, CavoCopenhagen, a dealer of Franceshini boots.

Franceschini Boots

As an expert in shoe and boot collection, these boots had me chomping at the bit. Italian made,  exquisitely crafted, flawless stitching and soft supple leather of the best quality. The designs timeless, elegant and sophisticated. I would like to take one of each please. 🙂  Take a moment to visit their website – I’ve translated a link for you HERE

More stories coming from my trip. We are presently packing up from the show and i’m off to spend the next few days meeting more Swedish friends and horses.

take care everyone !


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