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Terminator Goat

Terminator Goat, 5x7, oil on canvas panel

Terminator Goat, 5×7, oil on canvas panel

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Say it with an accent like Arnold..”Terminaaator Goat” …Again, the title of this painting had me doing a little bit of background goat research and again, I learned something new. Did you know that goats have accents? According to researchers from Queen Mary University of London, they have found that goats accents change as they age and hang around new and different goat friends. Previous to the study, it was only elephants, humans, dolphins and a few other mammals that were known to do this. Fascinating, keep talking Arnold and maybe your goat will pick it up 🙂

Here’s a humorous video that talks about it more:

It seems like everyone, including myself are having fun with all the goat paintings. The horses here in Oregon are finally shedding out. Time to get out there with my camera. My friend has two foals I plan to get some new equine inspiration from in the upcoming weeks.

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