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The return of Madison

My panel for the project ‘Le Cadeau Du Cheval’ is completed. I have titled my panel, ‘The return of Madison’. I invite you to read my artist statement regarding this project:



Spruce Meadows is the home to international showjumping horses and riders of the highest calibre. In looking for inspiration and a model for my panel, I came across a warmblood gelding by the name of ‘Madison’. Madison is a jumper who competed at Spruce Meadows with Canadian team rider, Hugh Graham. He was then purchased by the Johnson’s of Travis Hall Equestrian Centre in Fergus, Ontario. For them, he turned out to be an invaluable school master. Their son, Dave jr. enjoyed learning from and winning many competitions with him.

Madison is now retired, but still has plenty of strut left in his step. In person he seems to exude a real zest for life, healthy and happy. I thought it to be a fitting tribute to depict a model in my panel who lived a productive and full jumping career, obviously loved by his owners, now living his golden years, return to one of the places that he competed. That place being one of the best, Spruce Meadows.

It has been a long time since I have worked on a project with the emphasis on creative expression and individual interpretation.  My end result is very different from my existing portfolio. Loose and free, and incorporates an unusual palette of purples and blues.

Overall,  I am pleased with the results. Thank you for viewing. You can see the rest of the mural in progress here: http://www.muralmosaic.com/Cadeau.html

head detail

Head detail

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