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Schooling Finya Sketch Series

dressage, Jennifer Pratt, equine art, oil sketches

Schooling Finya #1, 11×14 oil on panel. unframed

It’s summertime, which means studio time goes in fits and starts due to the lack of routine of school for my son. It’s an ever present reminder to try and stay patient and present in parenting mode, but I do find myself grappling with my mood when I do not get enough studio time to get some of the creative angst out of my system.

equine art, Jennifer pratt, horse art, oil painting, dressage,

“Schooling Finya #4” oil on canvas panel

My new studio in the village of Sellwood, is in such an amazing location. My son is now old enough where he can make small ventures to the local pool with his friends, while I retreat to the studio and steal a couple hours to paint. Then I hear him and his entourage outside my window, down the street soon to burst through my door. And then, studio time is over….

dressage, equine art, oil sketches, horses, Jennifer Pratt

Schooling Finya #3, oil on canvas panel

So given the limited amount of time, but high amount of desire to paint inside me, I felt the want to work on something fast, yet challenging. If you have been a longtime friend of mine, you know it’s rare to see the human figure in or on any of my works. I tend to keep to the horse figure. Despite taking some workshops in life drawing, for some reason, part of me starts freaking out inside once a figure is added. However, this time the rational side of my brain, told the other half..’It’s just shapes’…I know the tack and positioning like the back of my hand, so just relax and focus on the shapes. (yes, I have these internal dialogues, all the time!!)

Finya, dressage, freestyle, dressage

Schooling Finya #2, 12×16 oil on canvas panel

I’m really quite thrilled with the results. They are light and playful, yet simple and to the point.  I can see progressing with these, adding some color, freeing the movement further. Many possibilities! My model for these works is the beautiful Finya, from Island Farm, Vancouver Island BC. She is by Freestyle, out of a Pacific Sunset Dam. More photos from my farm visit HERE

I’ve priced these at an easy $100 each. They would make an lovely grouping, so if anyone is interested in more than one, email me, and we can arrange a group price and ship together.

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