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Scaling Up

Freedom, Jennifer Pratt, Dutch Warmblood

‘Freedom’ 8×10, Oil on Panel, unframed

Available via Daily Paintworks

It’s been two months of working in the new studio in Central Eastside PDX. Over this time, I have developed a regular routine of going to a place of work, instead of trodding out to the backyard studio. I have so many paintings in mid-creation I’ve lost count. It’s a wonderful feeling to have an abundance of inspiration, motivation and focus. So far, all of the paintings in progress are bigger than the 6″x8″ panels I’ve been creating and selling on Daily Paintworks auctions for the last couple years.

Scaling up to larger surfaces has presented new unique challenges to work through, such as quantity of paint, size of brushes, working distance to and from the canvas and scaling my initial drawing layout. It’s a process I’m working through and learning to enjoy the ride along the way.

As I went into the studio Monday morning, I felt the want to be able to start and (hopefully) finish a painting in one go, Alla Prima! I decided to work a little smaller once again in order to do so. As a result, the above painting was created. My model with the extravagant movement is a ‘Freedom’, a Dutch warmblood, combined driving mare, by Zion JC, residing in Sister’s Oregon.



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