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Portrait Commission of Friesian Mare, “Rinske”

This must be the month for firsts! A few weeks ago, I posted my first racehorse commission;  ‘Ds Wando’. Today, I’m posting my first completed Friesian commission painting. Here in Ontario, we don’t see many pure, dutch bred Friesians.  I guess this is why I had not yet seen one come into my studio over my 10 year career as a horse portrait artist.

I have learned in my brief Friesian reasearch that today, there are two distinct conformation types of the breed. The baroque type has the more robust build of the classical Friesian. The modern, sport horse type is finer-boned. My subject,  Rinske, a 6-year-old Friesian mare was imported to Canada at 7 months old, is the baroque type in her conformation.

'Rinske', my Friesian commission subject

As always in my commission process, I began with oil studies. Study #1, a traditional pose, in a cool palette:

Rinske, 8x10, Alla Prima Portrait Study#1 (SOLD)

I always try to keep my studies quite different. That way my clients (and myself) tend to quickly lean-to one direction of painting over the other. Warm or cool, traditional pose or something a little different. I prefer something a little different in most cases. It’s just more exciting, isn’t it? Here is study #2:

Rinske, 8x10 Alla Prima Study. (Available)

A deep rich palette,  slight head tilt, and soft wisps of her long mane and forelock, give this study a bit more character and mood. My client felt the same, and we went ahead with this layout/palette, to be completed in a more formal manner. The final painting, is 14×18, oil on wood panel.

Friesian Mare, "Rinske". 14x18, oil on wood panel.

I think the softness came through in the final painting. I’m quite pleased with the subtle ultramarine blue and mauve notes in the cool portions of the painting. My client was thrilled with the final product. Mission complete ! 🙂

Study #2 of Rinske is available for purchase, click image link for details, or email me, jennifer@jennpratt.com. Let’s not forget Dutch Auction has made a comeback! This Wednesday July 6th, we head into week #3, where prices drop $20 yet again. One painting sold last week,  pressure is building to bid before it’s too late! Visit my Etsy shop section HERE to see the four remaining paintings in the auction.

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