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Pigathius Lee


haflinger, equine art, oil on panel, “Pigathius Lee” 8×10, oil on panel

Available via Daily Paintworks, HERE

Titles for paintings don’t always come easy. One of my favorite models; Ruby the Haflinger,  is sometimes affectionately known in the barn as ‘Miss Piggy’. However, I wasn’t sure if calling this painting Miss Piggy would correctly characterize the grace that Ruby is able to carry off. She is one of my favorite models, a real ham, she can go from exuding incredible elegance, to contorting her body in some weird pretzel, in seconds flat, just so she can get a better chance of scoring a delightful (low-calorie) treat. In all my years of meeting horses for models, I’ve honestly never met a character quite like her.

I set off doing some quick online research hoping I would get led down a successful titling a painting rabbit hole, ending up on the Wikapedia page for the real Miss Piggy. It turns out in Muppets episode 116,  Piggy explains that her name “is short for “Pigathius”, “from the Greek, meaning ‘river of passion'” . In another episode she is referred to as Piggy Lee. So the two together, Bingo! there is my title! I personally love this study of her, it exemplifies her grace, yet there is subtle humour in the title.

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