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Oil Stick Explorations with Ruby

Haflinger, equine art, Jennifer Pratt, horse art

“Ruby #I”, 8.5,x12 oil stick on canvas, matted.

Ruby is a sweet Haflinger mare from Washington I met in June. She is the first Haflinger I’ve had the opportunity to model for me. Ruby quickly won my heart with her blonde locks and food-motivated, friendly disposition. I soon discovered her nickname is indeed, Miss Piggy.

“Ruby #II”, 9″x13″ oil stick on Canvas, NFS

I’ve completed three Oil Stick studies of her and this is the 3rd of the 3. Many people are asking me – What are oil sticks?? They are oil paint with wax molded into stick form. The brand I am slowly developing a collection of is R & F. They have a luscious, buttery consistency. I can use the ends to draw on my surface, or flat edge to push/pull/drag colour. I tend to lay the colour in, then loosely detail with my brushes or drag my rubber scraper to blend or lift the colour.

haflinger, equine art, Jennifer pratt, horse art, oil sticks

“Ruby #III”, 9″x13″, oil stick on Canvas, matted.

These paintings are is completed on 10″x14″ canvas sheets, acid-free matted to 12″x16″ and the opening is approx. 8.5″x13″. Comes matted and clear bagged, with acid-free, foam backer board. Studies #I & #III are available, click on images, or go to my Daily Paintworks Gallery HERE



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