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Norton ~ Commissioned Oil Painting

Norton, 11x14 Oil on Canvas. NFS

Time is flying! I have been home from Sweden for three weeks now.  Upon my return I found myself a little behind in my commission schedule, so I opted to dive straight into the studio (aka, painting cave) as soon as possible.  At present, there are four paintings in the final stages. Norton is the first to be signed post trip.  This young Hanoverian jumper is by the Holsteiner Stallion Cheenook (also approved Hanover and others).

I met Norton on a windy morning last spring in King, Ontario.  I was immediately struck by his beautifully expressive head.  His owner and I felt a series of poses of him, captured as we walked back to the barn near the end of our photo session, captured that expression perfectly.


Another shot of Norton, from our shoot, King, Ontario

In progress in the studio is thoroughbred Ds Wando, Francis and her foal and two other paintings, which are surprise paintings for their owners. Work in progress photos are being posted on my Facebook Page as I have them. Hope to see you there!


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    March 31, 2011



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