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It’s summertime, which means sporadic time in the studio. It’s been an exceptionally hot and dry summer here in Portland. I am very much looking forward to some much-needed rain to brighten the landscape again.

Harriet at 6 days 8x10 Oil on Canvas Panel

Harriet at 6 days 8×10 Oil on Canvas Panel (this painting is currently on hold)

What time I have had in the studio, I have been exploring edges – that is the outline, or lack thereof outline of my subject matter. I am just beginning to get confident wiping out a hard edge, softening it, or sometimes taking it out completely.   This feels like such an evolution in my work because for so many years, a hard outline was the basis for almost all of my paintings.

'At Inspections', 8x10 Oil on Canvas Panel

‘At Inspections’, 8×10 Oil on Canvas Panel

Now as I approach each piece I work on, I think to myself, what are the most essential elements? Try to take them out, or perhaps put them back in..it’s great to allow myself to play. Time away from commissioned work is allowing some great experimentation which I am just starting to appreciate.

Daydreaming, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Panel

‘Daydreaming’, 8×10 Oil on Canvas Panel

As the kids go back to school next week, I look forward to more time in the studio to explore this topic. Thanks for checking in – jp

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