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My Highlights from Göteborg Horse Show, 2011

My first live European Showjumping experience at the Göteborg Horse Show 2011 was certainly memorable.  Favorite moments were feeling and hearing the excitement in the cheering hometown crowds, watching the young, up and coming Swedish talent, and of course, meeting clients and friends in Mia’s booth at Ale Ridsport.

Myself and Swedish Sweetheart, Ewa Skoglund, who came with a little prezzie for me..I love prezzies! 🙂

From what I can read on the Scandinavium website, seating capacity in the stadium is approximately 12,000. The stands were near full for World Cup and Grand Prix Jumping classes. The appearance of Swedish team riders would see an eruption of cheers, followed by intense silence, even the odd ‘shhh!, to quiet any anxious fans, as to not disrupt the horse or rider during the round.  Judging by my cheer-metre, favorite hometown riders were accomplished team riders Malin Baryard-Johnsson and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson.

What I was most impressed by were two of the newest team riders. Alexander Zetterman, 21 years, son of  successful team rider and prominent horse dealer, Royne Zetterman. His talent was evident through his soft, quiet style and calm, natural ability.  Here is a clip of him competing to a fourth place finish in the Grand Prix. Make sure you watch to his celebration at the end of the round 😉  Well deserved Alex, and I am sure we will see you in many international competitions to come! Alex has a very clean and professional website, click HERE for link.

The next rider to stun the world and ignite Swedish fans was Angelica Augustsson.  This 24-year-old rider came to the Scandinavium to compete in her very first World Cup appearance. She not only had a stellar ride, but rode to victory with lightning speed in the jump off. She set an impressive time and even the most seasoned riders were unable to match her.  It was pure thrill to see her ride, then to see all other riders try, with no luck, to catch her. Another Swedish rider with a bright future.  Here is her winning jump-off round:

Back at the trade show floor I had with me, my completed commission of Finetex. His owner, Hanna Neubauer came with champagne in hand to accept her painting. It was with pleasure I was able to give her a painting I truly connected with. I am so happy I was able to witness her joy to receive the painting in person.

Hanna (left) and myself, as she received the commissioned painting of her lovely Finetex, by Tornesch

more to come from my Swedish tour..riding Icelandic horses, Young Stallion photoshoot and a trip up to Karlstad??


  1. Rochester Trail Riders
    March 8, 2011

    Wow beautiful work. Sounds like you’re having fun!


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