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Incoming!! 6x8, oil on Raymar Panel, unframed

Incoming!! 6×8, oil on Raymar Panel, unframed

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What else can I say? It’s a herd of kids stampeding your way!!

The goat paintings have been so fun to paint, but I’m starting to get the itch to paint horses again. I made a trip to my friend’s farm last week and I finally have some new material from her 2016 foals to work from. New inspiration always helps in the studio.

Painting aside, I have a few other very exciting things ahead.  I’ve been silent about this here on my blog, but i’m ready to share that I am discovering a new passion; studying nature! I have been enrolled in an adult Nature Immersion Program offered by the city of Portland and I can honestly say, I CAN’T get enough of it! I am loving this learning. I have a special passion for the ocean, so I’m following my gut and delving further into a topic that most interests me, marine mammals. In two weeks I’m headed to Vancouver Island for a three day intensive Marine Naturalist training course. I will be learning all about biodiversity of BC waters from plankton to whales from a highly qualified group of Marine Bioligists.  I am beyond excited.

Everyone keeps asking me, what is this going to lead to? what will you do with this training? And to be perfectly honest, I have no clue. I don’t know! All I do know is it just feels right and I think, or I should say, I KNOW that the answer will reveal itself sometime down the road.  🙂

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