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Hindend Study & Musings about the Creative Process.

“Hindend Study”, 8×6, oil on panel

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The creative process baffles me, or perhaps after all these years I am discovering new things about myself? In my studio currently, I’m embarking on an ambitious series involving complex, yet exciting colour combinations and loose, yet expressive movement of some lovely young horses. Well, that is the hope in the end at least. In all reality it’s completely un-chartered waters for me. My judgement of this paintings are often skewed and have left me a few days in a worse mood, (sorry family!) wondering my abilities. However, I felt something with my recent painting of Braecrest Elizabeth that I could push on and further explore.

At the end of a rather exhausting two weeks of painting and nothing I wanted expose to the rest of the world, I decided to put the piles of unused paint on my palette to use for something else. I felt the need to step back into a comfortable box of knowing where a painting was going, and having a predictable outcome. Just to remind myself, why yes, Jenn, you can paint dear. A simple hind quarter study was a wonderful way for me to relax, not to overthink, but focus on simple value changes and structure. While it may only be horse people like myself who are obsessed with horse’s hind-ends, it grounded me to paint something so simple, yet beautiful….now back into the cave to work on the new stuff next week.



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