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Half a Horse…and the Radio

Back in the studio.. I’m still enjoying the excitement over finishing my last commission of Olympic Dressage Horse, Gran Gesto.  The painting will be delivered this week.  I honestly can’t express in words how excited I am for the moment.  I will post some photo updates when Jacquie finally gets her painting..word on the street is that there is some sort of party planned for it 🙂  Stay tuned…. 


For now, I would like to introduce you to my next commission ‘Beaudelaire’. We will call him ‘Beau’ for short. I’ve met Beau twice now and have an excellent feeling for his size, temperment and colouring. His owner and I have worked together before and forged a great friendship over the course of the year. The painting of the sweet and feminine filly Fleur was completed for the same owner, Erin McLaughlin, now Editor of Canadian Gardening Magazine.

colour range for Beau painting from Farrow and Ball paint deck

colour range for Beau painting from Farrow and Ball paint deck

Just as the Fleur painting, the palette for Beau revolves around traditional paint colour line, Farrow and Ball for inspiration.  I do love these colours!! I have to say I never realized how much my background in Interior Design would play a role in my painting career, until I met Erin. I now embrace the concept that I not only paint, but ‘design’ each commission painting I deliver to my clients. 

Throughout the process of working with Erin, I’ve kept her personal style and taste in mind. The works I’ve created are not only of her horses, but they also support my thoughts of her stylish living environment.  They are tailored to her individual taste ~ yet infused with my character as an artist .  The paintings in the end, look like they were meant to be in her home. 

Beau ~ in Progress! 24 x 36 oil on Panel

Beau ~ in Progress! 24 x 36 oil on Panel

As you can see, I’ve made great strides with the hind end of Beau and his wonderful grey dapples. And YES! I will be painting him in his entirety! The head/neck/background of the painting is roughed in at this point. Unfortunately it is neither wet or dry, so I’m sidelined until the painting firms up.  The end result I can clearly vision in my head. It is just a matter of execution at this point.

One last tid-bit  – On Sunday I was featured on Erin Radio, 101.5FM, Art on Air with Daisy Divine. It was a great opportunity to talk about horses, art and my process. Please have a listen!! You can download a clip here

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  1. Carol Buck
    October 26, 2009

    I am so happy you feature in the works projects! It is wonderful to see how you work on each section and what you work on and when. As always, fantastic work.


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