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equine art, horse art, Jennifer Pratt

Exubérance, 24×30, oil stick + panel

I’m pleased to introduce the first of several larger scale paintings I’ve been working on in my studio. These works have utilized my recent discovery of a new-to-me medium; oil sticks. Essentially, oil paint in bar form. By allowing myself to play without expectations, I’ve discovered wonderful some possibilities with free-flowing sketch lines (longtime readers might recall older works of mine using Watercolor pencil in a similar manner) with painting further detail into certain sections I feel fit. Embracing a trial and error process of navigating a new medium, I’ve toyed around with sketching, painting into, drag around and mushing to blend with a gloved finger. A rubber spatula easily wipes off any areas I’m not happy with, or moves it around creating interesting patterns as it blends with other colors.

equine art, Jennifer Pratt

Detail, hind end

When I allow myself to be physically engaged in the process I can feel the movement of the horse, action of the legs, mane and tail and draw in what I really feel is happening with that animal is if it were moving.

equine art, Jennifer Pratt

Front end detail

As the oil bar is dragged or pulled with a tool it leaves some texture behind, adding another dimension to areas of choice. I am enjoying the immediate effects as well as some of the forgiving qualities. When I am  fully involved in the process mentally it is easier to let go any thoughts of doubt, fear and use the medium courageously.  I am excited to see where these explorations take me.  I have several larger works in progress in the studio and eager to add to my original inventory as these new works are called complete. As always, thank you for your support as I continue to ever evolve as an artist and painter. ❤

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  1. Cheryl Fayle
    February 22, 2018

    Hi Jennifer,

    I love this new painting and style. The energy of the horse is beautifully captured in this painterly technique. I look forward to seeing more of your new paintings.

    Great work. Thanks for sharing.

    Cheryl Fayle

    • Jennifer Pratt
      February 23, 2018

      thank you Cheryl!! great to hear from you. I am keen to keep experimenting with this medium. I have plenty of ideas 🙂 I hope your journey as an artist continues to be an adventure!


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