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Jennifer Pratt, Equine Art, horse painting

“Electro-Static” 12″x16″ oil on cradled linen. 7/8″ depth.

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Longtime collectors of my work might remember my earlier works were incredibly detailed with a high level of realism. Over the years, I’ve worked to loosen up my strokes with a few strategies. Bigger brushes, different grips, speed painting, distance from the work, standing vs. sitting….etc…That said, I’m learning that realism can still play a role in the work I produce, in fact, some days it’s necessary. I think of detail days as recovery sessions. Workdays where I regain energy and mental focus until another painting session when I feel the exciting momentum to loosen up, paint free and with intuition. Perhaps for some painters they are able to do this all the time, but for me, its a gut feeling when I enter the studio, I know when i’m ready to bust it out, or linger with a little more patience in the details.

This painting begins to explore the idea of the two combined. I wondered If I worked on a piece over a longer period of time to allow days of recovery (the detailed bits) and expression (the loose bits) Where would this go? With Electro-Static, the detail is with the body of horse itself, but creating a sense of impulsion with her leg movement. She is static, but moving.

My model is the fantastic Dutch warmblood mare, Freedom by Zion, Sisters, Oregon. (minus one white sock, added to balance the painting – for art’s sake ????)

Horse Painting, Jennifer Pratt

“Oil Bar Trot Study”, 12″x16″ oil bar on canvas panel

Lastly, I’ve had some requests to make my studies available for purchase, so I’ve uploaded an oil bar study to Daily Paintworks Auction. Click HERE to bid.

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