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Braided Up in Orange

Braided Up in Orange, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Panel

Braided Up in Orange, 8×10 Oil on Canvas Panel

After a long, hot and dry summer, the rainy season has arrived in Portland.  I could say November is my least favorite month of year,  however a good part of me finds the rains soothing, a great excuse to curl up with a good book and an early night in bed. It’s rather luxurious to allow yourself that hibernation time.

In the studio I seem to desire a play of expressive color on my palette to balance the grey skies.  “Braided Up in Orange” was a quick grab of Cadmium Orange and pretty mix of a teal-ish, turquiose-ish neutral background. I think it has some zing for a rainy November day. 🙂

‘Unbraided in Orange” 8×10 Oil on Canvas, click HERE to purchase or email me to inquire.

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