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Braecrest Elizabeth

Braecrest Elizabeth, 8×10, oil on Raymar panel

I’ve had a series in my mind for a while that encapsulates light, movement, and colour of horses. As an evolving artist who used to work in a very strict realist style, erasing the defining edge of a painting causes a feeling of inner angst that I’m just becoming confident working though.

Think about it, we’ve been taught as kids to ‘colour within the lines’, then add my disciplined years of architectural drafting and design where precise was what I had to be. Each time I push an edge into the outer boundary, given there is a layer of underlying paint, the results are spontaneous and unexpected. Going into the unknown, less predicable.

I completed this painting after a full day at the easel, my eyes not clearly registering what I was seeing. I thought it looked OK…then left it for a couple days. I returned today to realize that this was a breakthrough piece for me. I did not worry about all the defining details, but what was important to express the form showed through. The palette is soft, yet the values coherent. I’m lucky to say, it’s sold already. It is a wonderful feeling to know that my collectors saw what I was originally doubting, but then once I had fresh eyes, saw a really lovely painting.

My model for this painting is ‘Braecrest Elizabeth’ as a foal in 2009. http://www.braecrestfarm.ca/horses-for-sale/2011-and-older/ It’s incredible for me to see a mare that I have known as a wee one, as well her dam, with foals previous to her. I love that aspect of my dream job.

Speaking of dream job, I’m heading to Vancouver Island and lower mainland British Columbia first week in June to do some shoots with foals for future paintings. If anyone in the area happens to be reading this, and has some foals that wish to be models, don’t hesitate to contact me! 

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