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Head Study Fleur, 10x10, Oil on Canvas

Head Study Fleur, 10×10, Oil on Canvas, unframed

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Time to try something new. I’ve been a seller on Etsy for close to 8 years now.  Its a wonderful place of all things handmade, however I’ve been wondering for a while now if my paintings would be better suited to reach buyers via a dedicated original artwork venue. To test this theory out, I loaded up my images to Daily Paintworks.

I’m still adding to my gallery and tweaking things about, but the initial layout is there. Also, at this point my “buy now” checkout still directs you back to Etsy, but i’m also trying out the auction feature.  The first painting on the auction block is the lovely, Fleur painting above. It is 10″x10″ oil on wrapped canvas, unframed. I started the bid at an insanely low price of $50 to get the ball rolling here!!..so i’d be smart and take advantage while i’m still an undiscovered newbie there! 😉  Auction ends on Sunday, happy bidding!

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