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A Paint Horse Named Chief ~

Taking a moment on a windy and cold Friday in November to share my latest commission completed in the studio. A handsome paint horse named ‘Chief’. After meeting my subject this summer, I started the painting process  off with an 8×10 oil study of my subject. I was so happy with the study, I decided to have it framed 🙂 This way, I could enjoy the painting hanging in my kitchen until I was completed the final big painting of him…(anyone seeing a trend here??)

8x10 oil study of Chief, framed - SOLD

The study was completed Alla Prima, and had many subtle shifts in colour. My client had a preference for grey tones – so I included variations of greys in the violets, blues and umbers in my palette.  I contrasted these greys with hits of pure colour in the highlights in his shoulder and neck to bring the painting alive.  The final painting I sized up to be 24×30 and used the same palette as the study, but given its size, worked using glazes on his hind end, shoulder and neck. This is the painting after the first day, major shapes blocked in ~

Chief in Progress - 24"x30" oil on canvas

and after 5th session – Glazing completed in the body, just the head & mane to refine:

Chief in Progress ~

These areas came together to complete this painting ~

Painting of a Paint, named Chief - 24x30 oil on canvas

The end result I believe to be quite luminous – just as I had hoped.  🙂

Next to be completed is the BIG abstract painting of Samson – this one is 30×40!! My readers may remember the study of this fine boy went to the HITS Auction in September. Here is the painting after the first session –

Samson in Progress - 30x40 oil on canvas

Stay tuned for the completion of this one in the next couple weeks 🙂

take care & stay warm!!



  1. Kimmy
    December 1, 2010

    Love the work in progress photos! Can’t wait to see more!


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