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Mr. Inquisitive

Mr. Inquisitive, 6x8, oil on Raymar Panel

Mr. Inquisitive, 6×8, oil on Raymar Panel

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Foals are so much fun to be around. Over the years I’ve photographed so many different foal personalities. They can be shy, playful, nervous, excitable, complete hams, princesses…etc..etc. The inquisitive ones are always approaching you to inspect your camera up close; hence the foreshortened, nose-first pose of this little guy Leo. (Lordanos, Wensleydale Farm, Oregon)

Mr. Inquisitive, 6×8, oil on Raymar panel, unframed

The Broodmare

The Broodmare, 8x10, oil on canvas, unframed

The Broodmare, 8×10, oil on canvas, unframed

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I took a break from painting over the summer to do, well, summer things. This was my first painting back after a few months. I love painting simple side profiles of horses and mares in particular, so this portrait was the perfect subject to start back up again.

I feel really lucky to have known so many amazing broodmares over my life with horses. Many of them seem to carry a wise sense of calm in their eye and overall expression. Always a pleasure to capture in the paint.

‘The Broodmare’, 8×10, oil on canvas panel, unframed.

That Mare Look

DSC_0330 (967x1280)

That Mare Look, 8×6, oil on Raymar Panel, unframed

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The goats were a great diversion, but I decided today to get back to horses – a mare to be precise. While I currently ride a gelding, I’ve always been partial to mares. No offense geldings, but there is something about mares that speak to me as an artist. Find me a mare with a broad forehead, big, bright eyes, slightly dished face and natural wave to her forelock and I’m smitten.  🙂


Incoming!! 6x8, oil on Raymar Panel, unframed

Incoming!! 6×8, oil on Raymar Panel, unframed

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What else can I say? It’s a herd of kids stampeding your way!!

The goat paintings have been so fun to paint, but I’m starting to get the itch to paint horses again. I made a trip to my friend’s farm last week and I finally have some new material from her 2016 foals to work from. New inspiration always helps in the studio.

Painting aside, I have a few other very exciting things ahead.  I’ve been silent about this here on my blog, but i’m ready to share that I am discovering a new passion; studying nature! I have been enrolled in an adult Nature Immersion Program offered by the city of Portland and I can honestly say, I CAN’T get enough of it! I am loving this learning. I have a special passion for the ocean, so I’m following my gut and delving further into a topic that most interests me, marine mammals. In two weeks I’m headed to Vancouver Island for a three day intensive Marine Naturalist training course. I will be learning all about biodiversity of BC waters from plankton to whales from a highly qualified group of Marine Bioligists.  I am beyond excited.

Everyone keeps asking me, what is this going to lead to? what will you do with this training? And to be perfectly honest, I have no clue. I don’t know! All I do know is it just feels right and I think, or I should say, I KNOW that the answer will reveal itself sometime down the road.  🙂

Goat Decisions

Goat Decisions, 6x8, oil on Raymar Panel

Goat Decisions, 6×8, oil on Raymar Panel, unframed.

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Goat contemplates jumping off of wood structure. Likely the hardest decision this little kid will have to make all day.  I’m feeling kinda jealous. :/

Terminator Goat

Terminator Goat, 5x7, oil on canvas panel

Terminator Goat, 5×7, oil on canvas panel

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Say it with an accent like Arnold..”Terminaaator Goat” …Again, the title of this painting had me doing a little bit of background goat research and again, I learned something new. Did you know that goats have accents? According to researchers from Queen Mary University of London, they have found that goats accents change as they age and hang around new and different goat friends. Previous to the study, it was only elephants, humans, dolphins and a few other mammals that were known to do this. Fascinating, keep talking Arnold and maybe your goat will pick it up 🙂

Here’s a humorous video that talks about it more:

It seems like everyone, including myself are having fun with all the goat paintings. The horses here in Oregon are finally shedding out. Time to get out there with my camera. My friend has two foals I plan to get some new equine inspiration from in the upcoming weeks.

Goat Contemplates Presidency

Goat Contemplates Presidency, 5×7, Oil on Canvas Panel

If you have been reading my blog or know me personally most of you know, I am a Canadian transplanted here in Oregon. Today, I learned some American history for this little painting, because of the painting title (which I thought was quite apt, for an adorable, kid overlord such as this) ​I thought I would do a little background research on goats and presidents. So I googled – Presidents that had goats. A website came up that listed all the pets had by Presidents. To my surprise, it turns out several had goats. Abraham Lincoln loved goats! he had two!

Fun fact, but not goat related, Thomas Jefferson had two Grizzly Bears given to him by Lewis and Clark which were kept on the White House lawn for some time. Yikes!!!


Looking for Trouble

Looking for Trouble, 5x7, oil on canvas panel

Looking for Trouble, 5×7, oil on canvas panel

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I have a second love from horses..that would be GOATS!! Especially baby goats! The way they frolic, the sound of their little hooves, and then how cuddly they can be after they tucker themselves out from playing so hard. I’ve been wanting to paint a goat forever, and this friends, is my very first one! There is a garden nursery about an hour from me, I heard they had kids, so I went with my son. We had such a fun time playing..and I even bought a few plants for the garden. 🙂

Ringside Waiting

DSC_0352 (1280x1021)

Ringside Waiting, 8×10, oil on canvas panel

“Ringside Waiting” 8×10, Oil on Canvas Panel, Unframed.

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Horse shows; these are long days that start early in the morning, braiding, grooming, schooling your horse, then waiting, sometimes a longtime, in between classes for your moment to shine. For the horses, I think they enjoy this ‘chill-time’ between classes. Well spent, with a mid-class nap.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight - 6x8 Oil on Raymar Panel

Afternoon Delight – 6×8 Oil on Raymar Panel

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“Afternoon Delight” 6×8, Oil on Raymar Panel, unframed.

Had a little song in my head as I was painting this. It seemed fitting as a title 🙂 Maybe you are now singing it? Horses are pretty good nappers, sometimes when I’m doing my photo shoots we can tire these guys out with all the posing and moving around… Or maybe being an equine model just got boring for my subject? Regardless, I loved the serenity and sense of calm in the pose. Seemed fitting for a Monday after Spring Break.