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Beckon in Progress

Beckon in Progress

Beckon in Progress

In the studio, I have been working on the commission of Beckon. Using coloured pencil to complete this piece, I am working on a substrate of Masonite panel. I have primed it with a ground to give it more tooth.

I have worked on Canson MiTintes paper for years, but over the last while, found that it has some limitations, especially when I want to put a background into the artwork. I want something I can use a solvent to cover a broad surface and Canson just doesn’t hold up to that kind of torture. Masonite works well, and I can also use different dry brush techniques to literally ‘paint’ with coloured pencil.

In the stage you see above, I have begun mapping out the lights and the darks. The nose and the top left ear I have detailed further and put some colour on. I used a solvent to blend the colour in those areas to get the pigment down into the nitty bitty areas of the surface. This process also strips some of the wax that the coloured pencil leaves and lessens the annoying ‘wax blooming’ effect you get with this media. I will then go back over the area I have used solvent as needed until I get a level of detail that is crisp and clean. Time consuming process you ask…? YES!! but worth the results if you are patient enough 🙂

I am aiming for the finished artwork to be quite dramatic, strong lights and darks. So far, it is shaping up well. Stay tuned for more…

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