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Artwork of my Muse – Illy


My mare ‘Illy’ has been a recurring muse in my portfolio. This is just one of my favorite works of her which I created about 4 years ago now.  The drawing was done for my husband, who also shares a love of horses..(and an understanding of where all the money goes!)

Illy has a sloping neckline, naturally curly forelock and a gleaming coat all year round. For her artwork, I wanted a pose that was just indelibly her, and this drawing was it :)Please read more about Illy on her own page, posted on the side, labelled My Muse.

I want to remind readers that I am maintaining two blogs, this is my studio blog, devoted to commissioned works in progress, past works and other originals.  My other blog, http://sporthorseartwork.wordpress.com is devoted entirely to my original series ‘Canadian Bred’, be sure to visit over there too!!

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  1. tangiadoptarescue
    February 21, 2008

    WOW, lovely work Jennifer! My first thought when I viewed this work of art was, “My what a beautiful sweet horse!”. You put so much kindness in her eye. Thanks for sharing this painting. You are a lucky person to own such a horse.


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